Skylark and FutureProof get creative

Skylark and FutureProof are teaming up to create a programme that taps into the unique talents of athletes and brings opportunities to those seeking a pathway for development within an award winning creative technology agency.  

Skylark, a highly-regarded creative technology agency located in the heart of London, has distinguished itself by helping brands and companies thrive through digital transformation. By combining technical innovation, design expertise, and a vibrant creative spirit, Skylark has made a significant impact.

Drawing on their background in professional sports and entrepreneurship, the company’s owners recognise the importance of attracting top talent to fuel their growth ambitions.

In collaboration with FutureProof, Skylark is taking a proactive step towards promoting diversity and inclusion further in the industry.

With a strong emphasis on nurturing talent from diverse backgrounds, Skylark is hungry to tap into the unique skills, experiences, and determination found within the world of sports.

This will bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to the table, igniting innovation and driving success.

Unlocking the Power of the Athlete Mindset

The collaboration aims to draw on the strengths of athletes from all walks of life, harnessing their diverse experiences and the tenacity they display in their competitive fields.

Ben Sullivan, one of Skylark’s owners and a former athlete himself, acknowledges the importance of diverse perspectives and experiences in achieving success.

“This collaboration not only brings diversity to Skylark but also allows athletes to explore their creative side through technology and innovation. The combination of athletes’ life experiences and resilient mind-set creates a winning formula for Skylark. Already, top athletes who align with our business have been identified, showcasing the early success of our partnership”

Tom May, Co-Founder of FutureProof, highlights “Athletes constantly push their limits, which can inspire creative teams to find powerful solutions for challenges. It is crucial for businesses to recognise and appreciate the value that athletes bring” This partnership with Skylark will attract athletes interested in the creative and digital sectors and set FutureProof up for success”

Through this partnership, athletes will gain exposure to the professional world of Skylark, learning from experts and contributing to projects in various sectors, such as Finance, Sport, Property, and Health.

Skylark has an impressive track record, having completed successful projects for prestigious partners like Arsenal Football Club, EuroHockey, Omnicom Media Group, MindMaze and many more. 

James Hitchman, Co-Founder of FutureProof, praises Skylark as an attractive business for athletes, citing the dynamic culture that allows athletes to thrive, learn, and develop alongside a talented team. Skylark fosters a supportive and enjoyable environment that promotes high performance and nurtures talent.

As the partnership between Skylark and FutureProof evolves, the definition of a successful creative technology agency is bound to change, embracing inclusivity and nurturing talent from non-traditional sources.

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