Macdonald & Company forges partnership with FutureProof to recruit resilient and driven sporting talent into sales team

April 2023: Global recruitment consultancy for real estate and built environment sectors, Macdonald & Company, launches partnership with athlete transition consultancy, FutureProof, to secure naturally competitive and driven talent for its sales and recruitment teams.

Macdonald & Company has partnered with specialist athlete transition consultancy FutureProof to access resilient sportspeople looking to forge a new career in a competitive yet supportive environment. In a bid to access a motivated and competitive talent pool, Macdonald & Company is working with FutureProof to recruit ex-sportspeople looking for a fresh start when their playing days come to an end.

Affording them everything they need to grow a successful future, MacDonald & Company will provide the tools and expertise needed to become a business champion as it looks to become a destination employer.

“We are extremely excited about this partnership. Skills can be taught, but a winning mentality and that desire to put in the hard work, go the extra mile and be almost relentlessly focused on a singular objective can not. The work that FutureProof does in supporting highly driven, mentally tough athletes into the world of work is tremendous and we are pleased to launch this partnership to add another route for them into the world of work.”
Simon Crabb, Managing Director, Macdonald & Company

FutureProof’s end-to-end athlete support programme empowers sportspeople to find the right next step when they reach the end of their professional careers. It’s work helps athletes realise their full potential, discover their transferable skills, and gives them the confidence to enter the workforce and make a positive mark from day one.

“As athlete champions, we support them to recognise their unique talents. FutureProof prides itself on connecting this driven talent pool with businesses looking to build a diverse and dedicated workforce. Turning to us in their moment of need, we guide athletes through a potentially disruptive phase of their lives and give them opportunities to become leaders in whatever they do next.”
Tom May, Co-Founder and Director, FutureProof

Seeking to bring in team players and natural leaders with a competitive mentality, Macdonald & Company believes the synergies between sports and sales are compelling.

“Athletes have the mentality and drive you want but may lack some of the more traditional skills you look for from an employee. But, with the right coaching and environment we are confident we can fasttrack the right people to be top performers. Committed to supporting our teams’ mental, financial and physical wellbeing, our people are given everything they need to win.”
Simon Crabb, Managing Director, Macdonald & Company

Recognising that many will have limited to no business or sales experience, Macdonald & Company operates a 360-degree programme centred around employee wellbeing and development. This focus on learning, combined with a thriving sales culture makes Macdonald & Company a comprehensive option for FutureProof candidates.

“Athletes have the mental fortitude and motivation that you want in your team members, and with the right coaching and environment, we know they can become top performers in no time. At Macdonald & Company, we’re dedicated to helping our employees reach their full potential. That’s why we provide comprehensive business training and support for their physical, financial and mental wellbeing. We believe that a happy, healthy team is a winning team, and we’re committed to giving our employees everything they need to succeed.”
Simon Crabb, Managing Director, Macdonald & Company

“Boasting many more transferable and desirable skills than you realise, athletes dedication, mentality, attitude, work ethic, natural teamwork and innate confidence make them an incredible asset. We are delighted to see that Macdonald & Company realise it too and are excited to see how our athletes seize this opportunity over the coming months and years.”
Tom May, Co-Founder and Director, FutureProof

The partnership will aim to build a successful and scalable model, to support athletes who want to find a tried and tested path out of professional competition and into a global organisation. This is the pivotal first step of a pioneering programme that will give Macdonald & Company opportunities to add proven winners into the business while giving something back to the community.

For more information follow FutureProof on LinkedIn.

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