IRIS Software partners with FutureProof to access diverse and driven talent pool to fuel growth drive

[10th May 2023] Manchester, UK: Global accountancy, payroll, and education software firm IRIS Software Group launches partnership with professional athlete transition firm, FutureProof, to gain access to a motivated and diverse talent pool to accelerate its growth.

IRIS Software Group has partnered with FutureProof to enlist former professional athletes into its sales force to drive growth and build an enduring culture of success.

Leveraging FutureProof’s unrivalled access to a resilient and diverse talent pool, IRIS Software Group will kickstart its tailored onboarding program where it is expected to bring in several athletes over the coming months and build a competitive edge.

With diversity and inclusion also a core business objective, IRIS Software Group is expanding its talent pool access and working with FutureProof to secure dedicated and proven winners from all walks of life.

Seeking to expand the diversity of thought through the organisation and inject a growth mentality, IRIS Software Group will launch a new pathway for ex-athletes looking to make the challenging transition out of sport.

“As an ex-professional footballer myself, I know how hard it is to make a successful transition into a new career. Our hope is that this new partnership with FutureProof will give hope to many athletes considering their next steps while providing IRIS priority-access to an extremely driven and successful talent pool that will help us achieve our ambitious growth targets.”
Chris Smith, Chief Commercial Officer, IRIS Software Group

Recognising that many will have limited to no business or sales experience, IRIS Software Group is investing time and resources into a talent pool that it feels is full of potential, while merely lacking in the necessary experience and direction.

“Athletes know what it takes to win and have the kind of mentality and drive that is worth its weight in gold. It is an infectious energy that inspires those around them and their total commitment to be better than they were yesterday, an incredible shot in the arm for teamwork and productivity. We know we can train the necessary skills, but that expectation to succeed will help us reach our targets.”
Chris Smith, Chief Commercial Officer, IRIS Software Group

“Athletes have many more transferable and desirable skills than you realise. Their dedication, mentality, attitude, work ethic, natural teamwork and innate confidence make them an incredible asset. IRIS Software Group will now gain access to this extraordinary talent pool and we look forward to securing future careers for ex-athletes.”
Tom May, Co-Founder, FutureProof

The partnership will aim to build a successful and scalable model, to support athletes around the world who want to find a tried and tested path out of professional competition and into a global organisation. This is the pivotal first step of a pioneering programme that will give IRIS Software Group opportunities to add proven winners into the business while giving something back to the community.

“It’s amazing that companies like IRIS Software Group are stepping up and supporting athletes through arguably the most challenging period of their lives as sports people. It gives them confidence in their futures and allows them to give their all on the field and then in their business careers. It’s a win-win for everyone.”
James Hitchman, Co-Founder, FutureProof

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