FutureProof partners with Network My Club to connect athletes directly with the business community

October 2022: London – Athlete Transition Consultancy, FutureProof, has partnered with Networking and Events firm Network My Club to provide athletes with opportunities to connect readily with local businesses around the UK.

FutureProof is pleased to announce its partnership with Network My Club. The partnership will look to forge deeper connections between athletes looking for work and local businesses seeking access to an exciting and underserved talent pool.

Hundreds of athletes leave professional sports every month, searching for their next career. Often they are underprepared, ill-informed and uncertain of where they want to go. Despite extraordinary transferable skills, athletes suffer from imposter syndrome or simply feel they aren’t cut out for the world of work.

FutureProof was founded by former professional athletes and business leaders, to support these ex-athletes find the right path forward. Already doing the hard work of supporting athletes with their transition into work through mentorships and other programmes, this partnership with Network My Club will offer a different avenue for athletes to find work.

“One of the biggest challenges athletes face in finding a career in the business world is grappling with the choices available to them. This partnership will give athletes a chance to speak directly with business owners to learn more about an industry or an individual role, and hopefully give them a chance to find exactly what they are looking for.”
Tom May – Partner and Co-founder, FutureProof

Network My Club uses sporting venues and clubs to host networking events. Turning them into exhibitions and events where local businesses can come together, its a great place for people to share stories and advice, and pick up new insights or trends.

“FutureProof’s mission is one very close to home for me. My brother had to make an unexpected early exit from professional sport through injury. I saw first-hand the lack of comprehensive support and guidance available.

“FutureProof provides it, whether it’s for athletes at the natural end or sadly earlier than expected. And I am delighted to play a part in assisting that process and connect our membership of Small Businesses with athletes looking for work.”
Bradley Hatchett – Founder & Managing Director, Network My Club

Network My Club members will meet the FutureProof team and its athletes at events across multiple locations around the UK. And they will also hear stories and perspectives from athletes at Q&As at in-person and/or online events.

The FutureProof business and client network will integrate into the Network My Club membership and events as part of a value-added partnership to the respective membership offerings.

For more information follow FutureProof on LinkedIn.

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