Harness the Power of athletes

Harness the Power

of athletes

Get champions on your team

Investing in athlete programmes has the power to transform businesses seeking to attract and retain top talent.

These programmes not only support exceptional athletes, but also nurture team spirit, collaboration, and motivation among all departments, resulting in a culture of excellence.

Explore our cutting-edge talent sourcing service and pipeline future stars with our mentorship and support scheme. Benefit from our brand advocacy package that showcases our innovative partnerships across the sports and business community.

This initiative is a win-win for both businesses and athletes, providing crucial support for athletes and giving businesses a meaningful opportunity to positively impact society. Don’t miss out on the chance to make a difference.

Our Programmes

Manchester, UK: Global accountancy, payroll, and education software firm IRIS Software Group launches partnership with professional athlete transition firm, FutureProof, to gain access to a motivated and diverse talent pool to accelerate its growth.

Consider adding an athlete programme to your talent strategy