Aston Fisher and FutureProof Team Up to Attract Top Performers to Executive Search

Aston Fisher, a boutique executive search and interim management brand renowned for its placements in senior management roles, has partnered with FutureProof to identify and recruit high-performing athletes into the world of executive search. 

Aston Fisher excel at placing top-tier managers in the fields of HR, Finance, Business Transformation, and Leadership. Their focus is on serving the needs of FTSE350, equivalent PE backed or international businesses, and ensuring that they have the outstanding leadership necessary to thrive in today’s competitive climate

Aston Fisher are very excited to be working with FutureProof to help us find our next hires.  We admire and respect the amount of work, dedication and tenacity it takes to be a successful sports professional.  As a company that values hard work, team spirit and competitiveness, we are excited at the opportunity to work with sports professionals looking to take the leap into the commercial world. James Aston, Managing Director, Aston Fisher

A structured pathway for success

Under this pioneering programme, Aston Fisher will offer athletes access to a structured pathway for personal and professional growth, extensive training on specialist recruitment, and talent strategies. This collaboration aims to build a successful and scalable model that will support many athletes in their career transition while adding proven winners to the business.

“A career in this field will offer a great sense of accomplishment, a significant amount of autonomy, and presents a diverse range of tasks. The challenges it presents are fitting for athletes. In addition, being compensated on results is an incredibly motivating factor.” Tom May, Co-Founder, FutureProof

“Executive search plays a crucial role to aid the growth and development of any business. We are thrilled to offer a distinct opportunity that provides athletes with a proven path from professional competition to a prosperous and rewarding career.” James Hitchman, Co-Founder, FutureProof

Joining hands with FutureProof, Aston Fisher aspires to attract a diverse talent pool of high-performing individuals to accelerate its growth and expansion over the coming years.  This partnership is a pivotal first step that will create a lasting impact in the recruitment sector and within the athlete community.

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