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Your business coach

Changing careers can be fraught with risk and unknowns. Which is why we have a comprehensive mentor programme where, if you want to, you will be assigned a mentor to help you make sense of the change you’re embarking on and the environment you are going to find yourself in.

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The value of a FutureProof mentor

Your FutureProof mentor will offer insights into the culture and values of corporate organisations. They will share their experiences and expertise, indicate additional resources and can help you explore your current challenges in greater detail.

Your mentor can talk through your options, discuss possible outcomes and help you decide your next steps.

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About your FutureProof mentor

Your FutureProof mentor will be carefully chosen from our community of high-profile sector leaders, best suited to your particular needs.

The FutureProof team will initiate the first connection and then from there, it’s over to you.

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Accessing a FutureProof mentor

The relationship between you and your FutureProof mentor is two-way and you are equally responsible for making it work. You are expected to commit to driving the relationship forward and conduct necessary prep work in advance of scheduled calls and meetings.


What you get from a FutureProof mentor

FutureProof mentors make valuable contributions to both personal and professional development. Current athletes credit their mentors for:

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Get your FutureProof mentor

If you’re interested in securing the services of a FutureProof mentor and are preparing to transition from sport to business, become a member today and get the ball rolling.

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Feedback from athletes placed by FutureProof…

Found me a great opportunity

The guys at FutureProof helped me find a great job opportunity after spending a few months talking with me about different options and introducing me to several companies for interviews.

Jerry Rice


Took the time to understand me

When I decided to retire, I spent time with the team at FutureProof discussing different options. They really understood my strengths and helped me work through what I would be good at, as well as putting me forward for different roles.

Anyika Onuora

Team Olympic Medallist

Always on hand

When I was contemplating my next move after rugby, FutureProof was a steady constant, always on hand to answer my questions and give me useful help and advice through my transition.

Jack Clifford

Harlequins & England Rugby Player

Helped me transition, fast

When I spoke to FutureProof initially, I had just lost out of Olympic selection and knew I would be retiring. Within a really short space of time they understood the jobs I was looking for and helped me find the job I’m now in. I believe if I had gone to the Olympics I may never have had this opportunity, so I am very thankful they introduced me to Amplify.

Harry Gibson

Great Britain Hockey